Chef-Driven Pizzas Bring New Experience to ARTISAN Café

Chef-Driven Pizzas Bring New Experience to ARTISAN Café

ARTISAN adds new hand-crafted offerings to its menu of elevated fast-casual dishes

Fountain Valley, CA  (  On the heels of celebrating its first anniversary, Fountain Valley-based ARTISAN has introduced new hand-crafted pizzas to its celebrated menu. The elevated fast-casual restaurant and café, a marriage of Orange County-born concepts, 7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery, has gained a loyal following for its energetic and unique teas, and focused, chef-driven menu of dishes and baked goods. Now, the concept takes the same quality ingredients and attention to detail and extends it to an innovative selection of ARTISAN Café Pizza offerings.

Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Chad Urata, the inaugural class of ARTISAN Café Pizzas are a combination of classic and re-imagined flavors featured in the following selections:

Bee Sting – jalapeno, red onion, pepperoni, parmesan, mozzarella, basil, chili flakes, and hot honey
Fresh and light with a good kick that’s tamed by a hot honey drizzle, the Bee Sting pizza gives tastebuds both sweet and spicy satisfaction.

Truffle Mushroom – secret sauce, cremini mushrooms, fennel sausage, golden shallots, fontina, mozzarella, parmesan, arugula, and truffle oil
A balanced, full-flavored pizza, the Truffle Mushroom pizza is a crowd pleaser. With house-made fennel-pork sausage crumbles, slightly sweet golden shallots, a kiss of truffle oil, and peppery arugula, it is a savory umami bomb.

Street Corn – charred white corn, scallions, mozzarella, cotija cheese, chili powder, cilantro, and Mexican crema
Inspired by esquites, a sweet, spicy, tangy Mexican street corn salad, the Street Corn pizza is a unique experience.

Each pizza features an inimitable artisanal crust that begins with pillowy dough created by award-winning baker Tarit Tanjasiri, owner of Crema Bakery and co-founder of ARTISAN.

“While each ARTISAN Café Pizza is baked to order, great care is taken in the preparation of the dough,” explained Tanjasiri, who oversees all of the baked goods served at ARTISAN. “Our ingredients are simple – flour, water, salt, natural starter, and time – the latter being key, as flavor is developed through a 48-hour cold fermentation.”

Chef-Driven Pizzas Bring New Experience to ARTISAN Café

In addition to the composed specialty pizzas, ARTISAN also offers renditions of classics that include a Pepperoni pizza with house-made tomato sauce, dashes of oregano, generous amounts of mozzarella with parmesan, and the best quality pepperoni; and a Cheese pizza, which is any dairy lover’s dream come true. And no pizza menu would be complete without a Margherita pizza that features the freshest basil, fior di latte, mozzarella with parmesan, and the purest extra virgin olive oil.

“Our focus on authenticity and dedication to quality extends to every facet of our brand, and it comes through clearly in our new ARTISAN Café Pizzas,” commented Sonny Nguyen, Co-Founder of the ARTISAN and 7 Leaves brands. “Just as the rest of our menu, our hand-crafted pizzas are rooted in an elevated, ‘artisan’ experience with carefully sourced ingredients and time-intensive preparation – and they will absolutely leave our guests wanting more.”

ARTISAN Café Pizzas are currently offered daily for lunch and dinner. For more information, please visit


ARTISAN is a restaurant and café concept brought to life by a partnership between 7 Leaves Café and Crema Bakery. Building on the cult-like following that 7 Leaves brand has gained for its incredible teas, ARTISAN delivers an elevated experience with unique tea offerings, as well as barista-created coffee and espresso drinks. The flagship location in Fountain Valley boasts a chef-driven menu of baked goods, brunch-focused anytime dishes, and a selection of hand-crafted pizzas, all rooted in quality and attention to detail.

ARTISAN is open daily and is located at 10065 Garfield Avenue in Fountain Valley. The restaurant also offers drive-through service, online ordering, and to-go service. For more information, please visit

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