We’re not only a virtual restaurant concept creator and leader, PROFIT COOKERS Also lendS ITS talents, YEARS OF experience and ACUMEN in restaurants, technology, development, design, MARKETING, and full, end-to-end operation consulting services to restaurants and their restaurateurs who WE see potential in AND KNOW WE CAN HELP IMPROVE.  OUR TEAM IS here to supercharge your profits with virtual restaurants and help you EXCEL IN A VARIETY OF WAYS, some you didn’t even know you needeD. We HELP YOU BE BETTER AT inventory, pricing, staffing IN THE NEW WORLD, AND whatever else the kitchen flings your way.

Creating and building out a successful restaurant brand is no easy task.

It takes time, money, and as you know, a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Once operations begin, without a large staff it is difficult enough to cook the food to meet your vision and manage your staff and inventory, let alone having to discover, learn about, and implement new need-to-haves that are transforming your industry each day. All of which are inevitably time consuming and can be stressful to manage without the right experience and/or people.

To properly manage and fulfill all your restaurant’s revenue growth/extension opportunities, you most likely need some help. While you may do a great job already, TMG gives you that fresh look and boost you need to excel with your own Ghost Kitchen Brand(s) OR one of PROFIT COOKERS 20+ uniquely-crafted, short-order, nostalgia brands (and menu items) cooked to deliver well to customers and seamlessly fit into your restaurant’s existing inventory, staffing and operational strategies.

Some opportunities are easily seen, some are not. If you need help seeing all of yours, start here today.

PC’s Restaurant Consulting Services were created to help restaurateurs navigate the always-evolving restaurant industry and provide a true consulting partner that helps to continually drive growth, cost savings, and improved profitability.

Full Service Restaurant Consulting Menu Options:

  • P&L Analysis
  • Expansion
  • Menu / Food Cost Analysis
  • Sourcing + Distributor Relations
  • Menu Design
  • Labor Analysis and Restructuring
  • Online Ordering Setups and Management
  • PROFIT COOKERS Brands – Exclusive Turnkey Virtual Program
  • Virtual Brand Consulting Services
  • Logo Design
  • Web + Advanced App Development
  • Restaurant (Re)Naming + Brand Identity
  • Just Ask!

P&L AnalysisWe will analyze your P&L and show you areas of lost profits using our experience of overseeing multiple restaurant operations.

Menu / Food Cost AnalysisAn analysis of your menu and food costs are the most important part of running a profitable restaurant. We do a full analysis and can pinpoint the areas to increase prices to improve profit margins.

Menu Design Every restaurant has a menu but, did you know there is a way that people read a menu that when properly designed can increase profits. We can assist in designing that menu and menu item positioning.

Labor Analysis and Restructuring Understanding where your labor dollars are being spent is incredibly important today with rising labor costs. We can help you really understand where you are spending your dollars, how to become more efficient and how to utilize the prep time to improve profits.

Online Ordering Setups and Management Online ordering can be a challenge for any restaurant. We offer how to setup your online ordering, whether your own site or the online delivery sites. We can also manage these online portals for you so that it is turnkey for you. All you have to do is let us know what you want to add or change and we do it all for you so you can concentrate on the restaurant and customers.

PROFIT COOKERS Brands – Exclusive Turnkey Virtual Program Have you ever thought of running a ghost kitchen or virtual brands. We can get you set up as a fulfillment partner using your kitchen to increase profit through PROFIT COOKERS Brands. PROFIT COOKERS’ turnkey program allows you to fulfill orders and increase your kitchen productivity and profits. PROFIT COOKERS offers more than 20 different brands that are easy to make and require little to no prep time. You can increase monthly profits up to $40k a month.

Virtual Brand Consulting Services Are you looking to create a virtual brand for your restaurant. We offer consulting services on the best way to design and market a brand you create.

Logo Design Services Are you looking to create a new logo or re-design an existing logo? We offer full logo design services and sizing so that it works with all social media and online services.

Restaurants prepared for, and already involved in, the Virtual Restaurants, Ghost Kitchens, and Dark Kitchens are poised to thrive into 2022 and beyond as the restaurant world moves more and more online.

Check to see if your local delivery radius/zone is available.

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