“Stellar brands, great service!!” ~ 24hr Restaurant Owner, New York (18 months with Profit Cookers) “Best company to work with. Excellent customer service service. Dealing with real people” ~ 24hr Restaurant Owner, Georgia (18 months with Profit Cookers) “The best part of being a restaurant partner with Profit Cookers is all you do is produce the food for their menus. The company takes care of the rest. The pricing is reviewed and adjusted on the regular. If you feel a certain way about the price of an item, just give a text or call. There are many great features about Profit Cookers. The owner of this company is very attentive to his customers needs“ 10am – 8pm Restaurant Owner, Illinois “Profit Cookers system is a a prefect turnkey value add for any restaurant. Simple, concise menu that integrates with your current menu. 8am – 9pm Restaurant Owner, Maryland “I have been using Ghost Kitchens for over a year now. The experience was OK. Had to communicate by email and never had a quick response. When Profit Cookers called me, I was interested in expanding. So I gave them a shot! WOW!! Talk about night and day difference! Profit Cookers actually cares about my business. I’m able to send email, text or call a mobile phone and get immediate support. Profit Cookers are easily my most successful Ghost or Virtual kitchen. Not only are they increasing my orders, they also want to help my Social Media pages and give advice. They send relevant articles, they call me to see if I need anything! As long as I have my restaurant, Profit Cookers will always be part of my business!! I highly recommend PC and give them 5 Stars!” Brad Naifeh, Owner Hardens Hamburgers & More – Oklahoma
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