Thirst Drinks Uses NFT Project to Give Customers EXTREME Utility Value

Thirst Drinks Uses NFT Project to Give Customers EXTREME Utility Value


Thirst Drinks Uses NFT Project to Give Customers EXTREME Utility ValueWHAT: Thirst Drinks launches an NFT project where customers can own a digital Thirst card that they can redeem for their product FREE from all Thirst stores every day for life. See for detailed project overview.

WHO: Thirst Drinks at 5 location (downtown Salt Lake City, Millcreek, West Jordan, Bountiful, Tooele) soda and pretzel shop started 6 years ago by 19 year old Ethan Cisneros. Please contact Ethan at 909-979-7302 or with any inquiries or questions.

What are Thirst NFTs?

Don’t overcomplicate it…these are digital Thirst cards that the Thirsty Nation can OWN! They are collections of NFTs (one collection for each of our existing stores and one for each store we open going forward) that are 25 unique Thirst characters inspired by our most popular menu items. In each collection, the characters are available in bronze, silver, or gold “rarity levels” for a total of 75 NFTs per collection. Owners of a Thirst NFT can redeem their NFT character item for FREE at all Thirst stores every day for life… PLUS 10% off all other items for silver rarity NFTs and 25% off all other items for gold rarity NFTs. Thirst NFTs are live to mint as of now:  Bronze: $400, Silver $600, Gold 800.

Thirst Drinks Uses NFT Project to Give Customers EXTREME Utility Value

This is not some bullshit scam like the world’s perception of NFTs is right now. For my customers, THE VALUE THEY GET IS UNMATCHED:

  1. Thirst NFTs hold actual UTILITY value that can be redeemed at all Thirst stores.
  2. “Trading card nostalgic” value of owning a very limited supply of Thirst history that represents a collection based around each store and order it was opened (Downtown #1, Millcreek #2, West Jordan #3, etc.). As the brand and business continues to grow, Thirst NFTs will be in increased demand and the original collections will become more rare and thus valuable.
  3. The resale value of Thirst NFTs turn an expense into an asset! After owning and redeeming free product with an NFT, owners have the ability to list and sell their NFT on the blockchain (buy our most expensive NFT for $800, use it as much as you want for two years, and sell it for $1500? )

Still not a believer in NFTs? Forget about everything other than that this is a digital voucher or coupon card that will save customers a TON…

Assuming that a customer visits 3 times per week, their free NFT item being worth $5 average, and they buy just one other item when they come ($5.50 after tax average)

  • $780/year savings JUST IN PRODUCT for Bronze
  • $858/year JUST IN PRODUCT for Silver
  • $975/year JUST IN PRODUCT for Gold

The best part? NFT technology turns an expense into an asset. Meaning AFTER you’re done with using your Thirst NFT and all the free product it gets you, you can sell it for potentially as much or more than you bought it for. THAT just makes sense from a practical standpoint.

So why the heck am I doing this as a business owner/entrepreneur?

  1. It’s a financial win. Not only do I get the initial sale from the mint, but every time our NFTs get resold on the secondary market, we will make a royalty. With my plans to bring a lifetime of increased value to my NFT holders and promote trade, I plan to make a lot more money on secondary sales over the next 10 years than I will with the mint. Also, Thirst customers rarely buy 1 single thing. When they come to redeem their NFT, the margin on the rest of the things they buy can still support the sale or at least break even for us. And of course, they also bring their friend with them who will buy something as well.
  2. It’s a brand touchpoint: It’s JUST another reason for customers to think of us, talk to friends about us, bring us up at the dinner table, and ultimately come buy something at our stores. The same ideas why we are always posting on every social media, creating text lits, email campaigns, Thirst app, my personal brand account, etc. Not to mention this is a brand touchpoint that HAS NOT BEEN EXECUTED at a brick and mortar style with REAL real value for the owners of NFTs.
  3. It’s a win-win: Any type of strategy or move in the game of business that leaves the customer stoked and feeling great about the value they got for the money they spent AND the business is profitable and proud of the product/service they have provided…IS GOING TO BE A STRATEGY USED BY EVERYONE. It just makes too much sense.
  4. I want to be at the forefront of innovation as an entrepreneur! Not only do I want to win, but I want to win like no one has ever done before. I’m literally obsessed (probably to a concerning degree, haha) with this game of entrepreneurship.

Thirst Drinks Uses NFT Project to Give Customers EXTREME Utility Value

So what’s my long term plan/vision for this project and for Thirst in general?

I’m in this for the long game. I may have just turned 25 but I’ve been consistent at executing and creating results in entrepreneurship for the last 10 years. I am going to build Thirst into one of the most relevant, sought after, loved brands in the quick food service space. I plan to grow the company everywhere. I believe it’s an every state, every country, Disneyland caliber of brand. If you believe in what I just said, these original collections of my NFTs would be the greatest investment of all time. Imagine owning Chick fil A’s store #2 chicken nugget NFT. That would be worth hundreds of thousands…

The long term plan of Thirst NFTs is to deliver a lifetime of value and GRATITUDE to the owners/holders of this project. Our NFT holders are our biggest supporters and I do not plan to take that for granted. Once our mint sells out, that is just the beginning! I plan to continue to promote and deliver increased value to our holders including but not limited to: yearly exclusive Thirst party, early access for all things Thirst, free products, taste testings, and much more all in addition to the utility value at Thirst stores. The more we can create demand and value for our NFTs, the more the value of them goes up! That is a win for not only the business, but for OUR HOLDERS.

Ethan Cisneros
Thirst Drinks
38 E 1300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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