How to automatically accept orders on Cuboh Tablet

This video and article will show you how to automate your order acceptance with the Auto-Print ASAP Orders functionality.


Automating your Order Workflow:

Under General Settings > Auto-Print ASAP Orders, you’ll be able to configure whether you’d like to accept every new order manually, or have Cuboh Accept orders for you automatically.

Auto-Print Asap Orders: Active

If you’ve enabled Auto-Print ASAP Orders, Cuboh will automatically accept new ASAP orders and inject them directly in to your designated Kitchen printer or point of sale system.

Pro tip: This feature will also help your restaurant get ranked higher up on delivery apps, as these apps promote you based on how quickly you’re accepting orders.

Auto-Print Asap Orders: Inactive

If you’ve disabled Auto Print ASAP Orders, you will be prompted to accept all new orders before they are sent to the kitchen. Orders that take longer than 7 minutes to be accepted will be automatically dismissed.

Pro tip: we’ve added a quick-action feature to make manually accepting new orders faster. Swipe left on a new order to open up the quick-action Send to Kitchen!

Final Notes:

Most restaurants prefer to have Auto Print ASAP Orders enabled, so that they can simply watch the in-progress orders and dispatch them once prepared, however, you are free to decide which works better for your operation. Regardless of what method you choose, any orders that are moved to “In Progress” will be sent to your POS if you have a POS integration or your printer if you have a printer connected to Cuboh.

Next Steps:

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